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  • The online registration is now CLOSED
  • Main schedule has been posted(Subject to Change)
  • Gulf Wars Registration is Open 
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  • Kings Arrow Ranch (aka Georgetown Inn) has closed and will not be open for this years war, the autocrat is working to identify other hotels in the area for war.

Gulf Wars Staff

PLEASE NOTE:  If a Staff contact is not listed here it is because the information has not yet been provided for inclusion. If you have questions please contact the Autocrats.

Position Name
Autocrat Mistress Sarah MacGregor
Autocrat Master Gilbert les Moulins
Autocrat Master Gottfried Von Koln
Deputy Autocrat Mistress Cairistiona
Deputy Autocrat Duchess Elisenda
A&S Competitions Coordinator Arielle de Brabazon
Al Mahala Mistress Edwina Dirks Sterne
Al Mahala Class Coordinator HE Katya Vladimirovna
Animal Control THL Catrin Skynith
Artisan's Row TH Lady Dianora di Cellini
Artisan's Row Deputy Mistress Willoc Mac Muiredaig
Class/A&S Activities Coordinator Mistress Solveig Eiriksdottir
Class/A&S Activities Deputy Mistress Marthe Elsbeth of Oak Hill
Combat Archery Baroness Sara de la Val
Early Period Life Class Coordinator Bridget Edan
Cry Heralds Mistress Jalali of Salamis
Emergency Preparedness Mistress Celestine de Chatham
Equestrian Marshal Baroness Chiere wreic Maredudd
European Dance Fleur Stewart
Exchequer Mistress Juliana Foxcroft
Field Pavillions Lady Rose Marye
European Dance Deputy Lord Runolfr
Falconry Coordinator Master Friederich von Blumenkamp
Fighter Support Head Elsa von Schammach
Fighter Support Deputy David Duckworth
Handicap Camping Caereg
Herald's Point Coordinator Grova Novgorodskaia
Hospitality Countess Rhiannon of the Isle
Information Point Eva Sanchez
Inventory Meadhbh ingheanRois
Kennel Lands/Coursing HL Chrysantha D'Argento
Known World Party Dame Fianna nic Dhaibhidh
Landcrat HL Eden Fuller of Redenhall
Landcrat Deputy HL Eleri Cadarn
Landcrat Ansteorra Sir Liam Gordon
Landcrat East Kingdom Juliana von Altenfeld
Landcrat Meridian HL Bjorn the Hunter
Landcrat Trimaris Cedric the Just
Liaison Ansteorra Mistress Ameline DuBois
Liaison Meridian Master Kevin Eriol
Liaison Trimaris Duchess Maisie
Live Weapons Marshal in Charge Baroness Juliana Strangewayes
Marshal in Charge Sir James the Holy
Marshal (Siege) Colleen O'Kelly
Master Scheduler Master Wulfram Forrester
Media Coordinator THLady Rebecka MacGillivray
Merchant Coordinator Seraphina Maslowska
Parking Sir Asad
Parking HL Aldric
Performing Arts and Theatre Banbharun Alina nic an Bhaird
Performing Arts and Theatre Deputy HL Sean-Patrick O'Donnell
Publications HL Ysabeau of Prague
Public Works Reimund the Wanderer
Rapier Marshal In Charge Binn MacBranain
Recycling Department Mistress Anne Osgerby
Reservations/Troll Jane Beaumont
Reservations/Troll staff Master David le Ymagour
Royal Liaison THLady Belisencia le Sawnyng
Sanitation Head Arrianna DelaLuna
Sanitation Deputy Antonello del Bello
Scribe's Point Coordinator Vistillia Messalina Pulcheria
Social Media Baroness Kendra Dey
Social Media Deputy Mistress Jocosa d’Auxerre
Special Needs Camping Caereg
Transport Services Master Morgan
Volunteer Point Coordinator Mistress Charla Noel du Lac
War Herald THLady Adalia VondemBerg
Watch Commander   Mistress Ariadne de Ravenna
Youth Activities Lady Rapunzel
Youth Activities deputy Lady Silvana
Youth Combat Sir Mika'il al-Rashid
Wagon Garet DeHanneth
Webminister HL Gavin Kyncade