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Site Rules


King's Arrow Ranch is a private property and has the right to refuse or deny admission without cause or reason of any kind. Infraction of the established rules may result in curtailment of activities and/or expulsion from site without refund of fees. The Autocrat has the ultimate decision.

Replacement of a lost medallion or car hang tag will be done at Troll, with a $5 cash charge each. Bring your Troll receipt. One replacement will be issued, and a second loss will not be replaced.

  • All federal, state, and local laws apply on site.
  • Breaking mundane law = calling mundane authorities.
  • No fighter's card = no combat-related activities.
  • No fireworks.
  • No firearms.
  • No cannons.
  • Participants will be required to make an attempt at pre-17th century clothing.
  • Speed limit on site is 5 MPH that will be enforced. Speeding and being a hazard to pedestrians may be grounds for ejection from the event.
  • There is no smoking in any of the public buildings or public event tents onsite. There is a 30 foot no smoking rule to the entrances to these venues. Move to an area that does not infringe on the comfort of others, well away from the main activities of the day. Be conscious of the drift of your smoke. Police your butts. At all times, remember, Courtesy to All in your smoking. Private camps, private encampment buildings, and activities organized, and hosted by private individuals, and/or groups are not subject to this Policy, unless they occur in public buildings or public event tents.
  • No gas powered scooters, private golf carts, or other modern personal conveyances are allowed. Electric scooters/power chairs used for special needs are excluded.

General Gulf Wars XXI Information

Alcohol/Illegal Substances

The legal drinking age in Mississippi is 21. Observe the law. Anyone serving/giving alcohol to a minor will be expelled from site. Ignorance will be no excuse. Minors tokens will be marked in such a way to indicate they are minors.

Entry Policy

The medallion issued at Troll is your receipt for the event and must be visibly worn at all times. Participants must show their medallions to re-enter site or you may be required to pay to enter site. You will be issued a car tag which must be displayed clearly on your dashboard. Without a car tag, the Gulf Wars security personnel will not allow you to re-enter the site.


Per Gleann Abhann Kingdom Law: Children should not be left unattended at events. Children under the age of 12 must be within the sight or voice range of a designated responsible adult or teenager at all times. Failure to do so may result in sanctions ranging from expulsion from site to notification of mundane authorities, depending on the circumstances.


Trespassing is against the law and is a punishable offense. Gate crashing or sneaking onto site is Trespassing. Anyone caught trespassing or aiding in the act of gate crashing will not be allowed to remain on site.


Groups of 20 or more wishing to camp together may pre-reserve space. To do so, you must ensure that all group members are pre-reserved and submit your request for a group camping space to the Landcrat by February 28. Citizens of Ansteorra and Trimaris should contact their Kingdom Land Representatives who will administer their land request. Meridians and all others with land requests should contact the GW Landcrat. When pre-reserving, ensure everyone camping together puts the same group name in the "camping with" section on the registration form.

Groups with permanent camping sites at Gulf Wars still need to pre-reserve at least 20 people or risk losing their use of the land.

If you are camping in an area that floods, we certainly will allow trenching around tents. Please be aware that campers are responsible for filling in all trenches before you leave the war.

Gulf Wars has:

  • Wasps
  • Ants
  • Fire Ants
  • Mosquitoes
  • Other Creepy Crawly things
  • Please remember that frogs and bats are protected species on this site.

Day Pavilions

There will be no day pavilions allowed next to the fighting field for safety reasons. Instead there will be a road between the edge of the fighting field and all day pavilions. The Field Pavilion person(Contacts Page), must approve the placement of all day pavilions along the road. When you receive permission you will be assigned a space and issued a permit that must be displayed at all times on the pavilion. There will be no overnight sleeping allowed in day pavilions. Field pavilion space is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Unauthorized field pavilions will be dropped and seized.

Cut off for requests is March 1, 2013. Any requests received after this will be dealt with one by one upon arriving at site.

Also, as a reminder no field pavilion may have sides down except during inclement weather and those must then be removed once the weather has cleared in a timely fashion.

No pavilion may be set up until they have received their authorization and that can be obtained by contacting the land office who will notify me.


Fire Safety

King's Arrow Ranch is in a pine forest so the following rules must be followed carefully:

  • No ground fires
  • No open flames in tents
  • Tiki torches must be staked in a firm and stable fashion. Do not ignore the extreme danger involved in knocking over a burning torch.
  • Tiki torches may not be placed in hay bales
  • No bowl-type Tiki torches allowed; only those with screw-on tops are permitted.
  • All camps must have at least one fire extinguisher and buckets of sand or water near the source of flame.
  • There must be 10 feet between fire pits and tents.
  • All tents must be spaced 10 feet apart as a fire break.
  • Do not leave torches, candles or campfires unattended.
  • No flammable liquids may be thrown on fires.
  • In the event of a fire, use extinguishers and immediately send for Gulf Wars security.
  • Security patrols are authorized to enter empty camps and extinguish open or unattended flames.
  • There are a lot of brush piles and loose tree limbs around. You are welcome to burn these. But if you move it to your encampment and don't use it, please return it to where you found it. Also, please share as there is plenty even if you have to walk down the road. Should site management or the Autocrat staff determine that further restrictions are necessary, for any reason, such further restrictions shall be announced and enforced.


Do not keep trash in your camp. It will attract unwanted insects and animals. There will be trash trailers and dumpsters with pickups at 4 pm from Monday through Saturday. Please put your trash in the trailers daily. Police your site before leaving the war and deposit trash in dumpsters. Remember our SCA tradition of leaving a site cleaner than we found it.

Golf Carts

Golf Carts are necessary pieces of equipment in running a War of this size. We realize there is much temptation in "borrowing" a cart for a little added fun. As there have been problems in past years with the "borrowing" of carts, know now, YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM SITE as this is a direct violation of the rules. On the other hand, if golf carts are being driven in a reckless manner, please contact the Autocrat or the Head of Security so it may be stopped.

On another note concerning Golf Carts, there are no exceptions to this rule, the only Golf Carts allowed on site will be those directly in use by staff/security. This site is not disability friendly, if you are in need of such assistance in getting about, the use of motorized chairs (ie..Rascals) will be allowed. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Please make proper arrangements.


Merchants should see the Merchantcrat upon leaving Troll for site assignments. If the site allotted is not suitable and another to your liking is not taken, you may be allowed to change. Those merchants not pre registered must remember that sites have been reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Merchanting outside the designated merchanting areas is prohibited. There will be no trenching around your Merchant area, the merchant site is used year round for other activities and the site owners have made this request.


Yes, we know this is somewhat of an unknown thing in the SCA. Out of courtesy, we ask that all gentles heed the sign-up times for all competitions and other start times. This means everything from archery to A&S competitions. Unfortunately, due to time restrictions, anyone showing up after sign-up has been closed will have to come back if there is another time open, i.e., live weapons, or will just have to try again next year. This may sound harsh, but we only have so much time to spend at Gulf Wars with each other therefore we must keep things moving along. Therefore, please leave your camp a little earlier so you can make it to your event on time. The Autocrat and Staff of Gulf Wars thank you for your kind understanding in this matter.

Recycling Program

Gulf Wars will be continuing a recycling program for aluminum cans. There will be large, friendly bins for collection at security.


If you plan to bring your own shower, it MUST operate with a water reservoir system. Otherwise, we cannot accommodate the water pressure needs. If you erect a shower that does not operate with a reservoir system, you will be instructed to take it down. Failure to do so may result in eviction from site.


The site owner has opened a camp store in the Main Hall. Food, water, ice, firewood, and other necessities will be available.

Water and Electricity

Faucet locations are located on the fighting field, behind the cabins, and along several of the roads.

Do not block access to the faucets or electric outlets. Everyone must be able to use these, even if they are in your encampment. You must provide a "y" connector so that others may use the utilities.

Water hoses and electrical cords should be dug in at least 1 inch of ground cover. (Failure to comply with using a "y" connector or burying your hoses and cords may result in confiscation of the said property.)

Water disposal: Pour away from tents and encampments


The pool is closed for the duration of the War.

Vehicle Regulations

There will be a 3-hour limit placed on vehicles for unloading when setting up camp. Cars should park in the parking lots in such a way as to not restrict access or endanger other vehicles. Do not block access to the handicapped access parking. Cars in camp, after dark, must drive with their lights on. To receive a handicap parking slip you will be required to display your handicap plate or hangtag for the state in which your vehicle is registered. Remember to LOCK your vehicle as we are not responsible for your goods.