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Listed below is some information about some of the parties and revels at Gulf Wars XXII!

India Dreams Celebrates the Gifts of the Spice Road

Brightly colored silks billow in the unseen wind that brings the aroma of fragrant foods, delicious with their exotic ingredients, heads turn toward ringing laughter as old friends and new vie for the upper hand with good natured banter over strategy games with simplistic rules that belie the complexity of their gameplay.  Rhythmic beats that move toes and hips pulse the smoky tendrils that perfume the air, joyous smiles and sparkling eyes flash about the fire with heat enough to warm the blood.


Won't you join us, as we celebrate the gifts of the Spice Road? Hosted by House Ishee and Clan Marshin Fayne. All are welcome within our gates.  Snacks and beverages provided.  We will not be serving any beverages containing intoxicants.

Gulf Wars Wednesday night 7pm!


The Marshin Fayne Goods and Services Auction: A Decade in Deals!

The grains of sound are counted as finely as the coins through our auctioneers fingers. For ten years now, the Barra Export Company - a fleet of the finest ships skilled in sailing oceans blue and black, across waters charted and blind - have brought forth wares from every known land for the perusal of War Resource acquisition experts. By name, that would be you, my lords and ladies.

Dancers, skilled with motion and allure; servants more inclined to knead away the tensions from aching muscles; laborors willing to tote and fetch crates and casks, poles and skins - all services can be purchased if your coin matches or exceeds the asking price.

A fine blade of steel or rattan, a bauble to catch or hold yon maiden's eye, a bottle to parch a thirst that will simply not be sated on even the wettest of lesser drink - the materials of life do not buy happiness, but a skilled seeker of the finer things views them as tool to carve out happiness themselves.

If you are a seeker of the finer things, an adventurer into personal joy, come and seek your happiness with us at the Goods and Services auction, presented by House Ishee. If you truly are indulgent, come and seek our special VIP accommodations, where drink will sharpen your eye and we bring it to you to keep you hale and hearty for the bidding. Items will be had fresh from the docks, or you can ply your own if you seek us out early. Those who would barter themselves away can sign the waivers and the sales slips that encompass all the terms of service. It is only rumor that we require such in blood.

As always, the coin of the realm is accepted, as is transferal of debt by the Paypal marque. (A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Baroness Alina nic an Bhaird MKA Glenda Burell and her family to aid in recovery from a devastating home fire several months ago.) Friday is the day, and the deals are once in a lifetime. Join us and feed your cravings.

Gulf Wars Friday night at 9pm!


Seven Deadly Sins

Within the mists that slither the hills and valleys near Ballyfarron, the drums and fires of Carnivale make merry. The allure blends with tantalizing smells of the exotic oils upon the dancers, the sweet sounds of sinful laughter, a warm fire and rhythmic pulsing to make a heart beat of the gather. Rows of sinners and saints alike move to the sounds. Winding their way down all the streets, bottle necking at the five points and crowding their way through the village gates, the succulence of sin awaits, perhaps with little of the cost, or at least the promise is there.

Venetian stylings, masks abound, yet in the company are pirates and privateers, Lords, Ladies, and serfs, the faithful of unnamed gods and the devout of the book. They all mingle to the purpose of tempting revel and in the touch of wickedness, the delights of the fires are found.

Will you join them, down the winding way?

Join House Smoking Tankard and Clan Marshin Fayne the Saturday of War at the Lost Souls Tavern on Mecleod Boulevard, next to the Shire Arenal, to imbibe the occult mixes in their secret Potent Potables. Play games and make merry as if it were your last free night on earth. If you earn it, it may very well be...

18 to enter, 21+ to imbibe, please bring site token and official ID.

Gulf Wars Saturday Night, 9pm


Girls Night Out and Silent Auction

Girls Night Out will be a fun night of women having a great time for a good cause. We will play a game, Bigger or Better. You must have teams of 4-8 women together. If you do NOT have a team, that's OK! We will find one for you! 

We will be meeting by the Green Dragon on Monday Night. I will hopefully have a large sign so everyone can find us! We will be near the light post across from the Green Dragon, at the corner of Prince Parkway and Queens Highway. 

*Rules of the Game*
I will have a small something for your team to start with, and your job as a team is to go around and find something "Bigger or Better" than what you have to trade for. The items collected will be KEPT by the game (so make sure your donating party does not expect the items back), and raffled off on Wednesday, starting at 5pm across from the Ansteorran Gates (Chili Night). All monies collected will be going to an Animal rescue shelter. I'm not sure which one yet though. I, along with other judges, will determine the winning team. There WILL be prizes!!!

*MEN NOT ALLOWED... Unless they are willing to have a female persona while playing. That being said... Only 1 "man" per team allowed.

All of the items we will collect will be Auctioned off for the benefit of an Animal Rescue Group. We will have a silent Auction on Wednesday, starting at 5pm, In front of the Ansteorran Gates at the Barony of Namron encampment. . There will be a live auction starting at 7, at the same location. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact my self, Baroness Kyna Terricsdottir, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We also have a facebook page, so please join the discussion there! 
Thank you, 

Baroness Kyna