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Greetings to all fencers bound for Gulf Wars--


This message comes late, due to developing events regarding the use of spears in rapier combat in the SCA. The Society Rapier Marshal is finalizing rules for the use of rapier spears, which may be published at any time. Rapier spears are described as a full-length rapier blade mounted on a hardwood shaft, such as the Alchem "Pike." At this time, only the Alchem "Pike" is known to be acceptable for SCA rapier play.


Because the use of spears in rapier combat is new to our region, the following conventions for their use will be in effect at Gulf Wars XXIII.


1) The usual Gulf Wars convention, that non-standard weapons must be approved by the GW Rapier Marshal in Charge, is in effect. Rapier spears, by reason of their new approval, are considered non-standard weapons.
2) For purposes of Gulf Wars, any weapon with a handle greater than 18 inches, which is not configured in a manner that a reasonable, average fencer would identify as a "sword," will be considered a rapier spear.
3) Rapier spears may only be used at Gulf Wars in tournaments run by Kingdoms in which rapier spears are an authorized form, under the established rules of that Kingdom, and at the discretion of the Marshal in Charge of that tournament.
4) Rapier spears may not be used in any melee, nor in any War Point combat.
5) Fencers may teach, demonstrate, and experiment with rapier spear on the rapier pickup field, in single combat and melees of reasonable size, under the supervision of marshals warranted in Rapier spear. The standard of one marshal per nine fencers will be maintained.


For Gleann Abhann fencers in particular:
6) Rapier spears are not legal in Gleann Abhann for tournament or melee at this time. This rule will be reconsidered as additional information on use and safety is obtained.
7) Gleann Abhann fencers at Gulf Wars may experiment with rapier spear as described in convention (5). The Gulf Wars Rapier Marshal in Charge (Binn McBranain), the Kingdom Rapier Marshal (Aethan Dunmire) and Kingdom Cut & Thrust Rapier Marshal (Wulfram Forester) are the only Gleann Abhann marshals warranted to marshal rapier spear at this time.


Please forward this message anywhere there may be seen by Gulf Wars-bound fencers.


Please direct any questions to:
Gulf Wars XXIII Rapier Marshal in Charge
Binn MacBranain This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Gleann Abhann KRM
Aethan Dunmire This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





General Information Once again, the schedule will be jam-packed with rapier activities. Several kingdoms are sponsoring tournaments. Plus, there are several melees planned. All tourneys and scenarios will be run according to the rules of the Kingdom that is hosting them, which will be explained beforehand.

Armor and Equipment Requirements You will be expected to meet your own kingdom`s armor standards, but the weapons standards of Gleann Abhann – heavy rapier (schlager) only. Non-standard parry devices, non-standard weapons, and blade lengths are subject to review/approval by the War Rapier Marshal. (If you have never fought SCA Rapier, please contact your local Rapier/Fencing marshal regarding equipment and training.)

If you are interested in sponsoring a rapier tournament, melee, or class contact the War Rapier Marshal as soon as possible so it can be approved and scheduled.

Battle conventions Gulf Wars draws fighters from Kingdoms all over the Known World. A reasonable attempt will be made to meet visiting Kingdoms' concerns, issues, and desires halfway. When in doubt, however, revert to Society conventions or pull out of the combat. Keep cool.

SCA rapier rules are the default regarding marshal issues.

Any combatant using the body of the rules vs. the spirit of the rules will be grounds for marshal action. See Chain of Command and Appeal section for further definition Pointed Melees, Battles or Tournaments Each kingdom will supply 1 marshal for every 9 fighters. A marshal`s meeting will be held 30 minutes before each melee or tournament to discuss the particular conventions. All marshals assigned to the activity are required to attend this meeting.

No death from behind in pointed melees.
No RBG's in pointed melees.

Engagement Specifics will be discussed prior to each battle.
Engagement will generally be defined as "180 Degree Front" which will be considered as 180 degrees of arc centered in the direction a fighter is generally facing, walking or attacking.
No more then 3 on 1 during engagement.
If a combatant engages any one person in a unit then that combatant has engaged that whole unit.
Disengagement will be defined as when combatants are 15 feet away from each other.
Units can move into an engagement at a double time step and individual fighter may move at a full run as long as they slow to safe pace before throwing an attack.
Deliberate body-to-body contact is not allowed. In melee scenarios, deliberate "corps de corps" attacks or suicide charges are grounds for being removed from the field.
Any engagement issue is subject to marshal review.

Boundaries Boundaries will be defined at the discretion of War Rapier Marshal in consultation with the Ansteorran and Trimarian KRM`s. Inspections All armor and weapons must be inspected before participation in any of the battles, tournaments or any other fighting activities at Gulf Wars.

Inspection stickers must be worn prominently on their mask and/or helmet.