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Animals - Pets & Service Animals

For health and safety reasons, pets are NOT permitted at Gulf Wars. Please make arrangements for your pets elsewhere. Individuals who bring unapproved animals to Gulf Wars will have two options. One will be to find boarding arrangements off-site for their pets. The second option will be to leave with no refund. Service animals are permitted, see below for further info.



As  per the new ruling issued in March 2011 by ADA, a Service Animal is any canine, regardless of breed,  that has been trained to provide assistance, to an individual with a disability.  If they meet this definition, they are considered Service Animals by ADA whether they are licensed or certified by state or local government.

We request that all service animals be pre-registered and their owner/handler contact the Special Needs Coordinator and/or Animal Control upon arrival on site. 

Owner/handler must have a copy of their Rabies certificate with their Vet's name, address and phone number at Troll for registration. Rabies tags will not be accepted as proof of vaccination.
Service animals will not be left unattended at any time. Animals must be on a leash at all times with owner/handler in attendance unless it is in a turn-out pen with owner/handler in attendance. If the animal's/dogs behavior is disruptive or destructive, you will be asked to remove it from the premises.
Each service animal owner/handler must sign a waiver. All owners/handlers of non-service animals must be pre-registered and contact the Autocrat

Tokens will be issued to each animal as they are trolled in and it is to be worn at all times.

THL Catrin Skynith

Animal Control