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Equestrian Activities

Equestrian Activities

All Horses MUST BE pre registered with the EmiC by February 21, 2014. If you are not pre reserved, you will not be allowed on site with your horse, no exceptions!

All horses attending Gulf War XXIII require a current copy of their negative Coggins paperwork. Please bring your original to the war. It is recommended that you verify what other travel documents you may need to travel to and from the war.


War Point

The Equestrian War point will consist of three events. Jousting ( Foam Tipped) on Wednesday, Mounted Archery Competition on Thursday, and a Challenge Course on Friday hosted by Calontir will be used to decide the war point.  Each competitor must identify which kingdom they are riding for, and the war point will be decided by the winner's Kingdom of these three events, best two out of three.  Come on out to support your kingdom!

Proof of Authorization

For horse owners whose Kingdoms-of-residence have an equestrian authorization program, please show your authorization card at Equestrian Check in.

There will be no original Equestrian Authorizations at Gulf War XXIII with the following exception.  If your Kingdom has authorization marshal(s) in attendance you may make plans with them if they are agreeable, and use the arenas for the authorizations when they are not scheduled for use. Understand that this is only up to your Kingdom's marshals and KEO, and they are not obligated to do any authorizations during war. If they do it will be as a courtesy to you. Please make individual arrangements with one of your Kingdom's Authorizing Marshals for any upgrades.


Equestrian Activities

We have a great full schedule this year, with riding events like Challenge courses, a Torchlight Tourney, The IKEqC, Jousting, Mounted Combat, Mounted Archery, and Buzkashi! We have tons of classes and training, like Jousting 101 and 201, Ground to Mounted Combat, Mounted Combat, Mounted Archery, Buzkashi, Carousel, and Desensitizing your horse, to name some that will include riding your mounts. There will be classes like Medieval tack in your tack room, Barding classes, Jousting Ground Crew , Medieval farrier work, and mounted heraldry for classes not needing to ride!

There will be plenty of opportunity at Gulf Wars to celebrate the equestrian arts for those who love to horse around. Please see the Equestrian Schedule for detailed times and locations.

Spectators are more than welcome and encouraged to come visit equestrian activities. If you would like to participate, join one of the many classes being taught or show up a little early and volunteer to assist in setting up the equipment and arena for a particular activity. Help setting up and taking down is always greatly appreciated! Authorized equestrians are always welcome to help as ground crew and will earn you much gratitude from the Equestrian Marshal in Charge.

Rules of the Barn

  • Never disturb a horse or its tack without the permission of its owner. This particularly applies to feeding them, especially when they have a bit in their mouth.
  • Minors should be under adult supervision at all times while in the Equestrian area.
  • Please do not feed or touch any of the horses without permission from the owner.
  • A red tassel on a horse indicates that the horse may bite or kick. Do not approach this horse.
  • Virtually all horses will kick and/or bite when startled, so stay clear of the front and back unless told it is OK to approach the animal.
  • Horses startle easily. Do not run, jump, yell or make sudden movements around the barn.
  • The barn closes at sunset to everyone except horse owners.
  • Please, no loud parties or drumming in the Equestrian area after 10:30 pm.


There is camping and horse trailer parking available exclusively for equestrians and those who are part of an equestrian's group. This area is close enough to the barn to allow horse owners to lead their horse to their trailers for saddling, etc.


Equestrian Rules / Mounted Patrol / Riding the Site / etc

As Gulf Wars is a multi-Kingdom war, we will be following the SCA Corporate Equestrian Handbook.  There are some specific rules for mounted patrol, riding the site, and other equestrian activities away from the Equestrian area.  These are detailed in the Gulf War Equestrian Operating Procedures.

Equestrian staff:

EmiC: HL Doe Flynn

Deputy EmiC: Master RhysTerafan Greydragon

Equestrian activity schedule: Download Schedule